The Crew

Vegard Bleikli is a geologist, professional photographer and works as a data engineer in offshore drilling. He’s also a great guitar player, and will hopefully bring in valuable booty playing in the marinas around the world.

Improvisational cooking is also a special skill that Vegard possesses. Many a dish have emerged from his relaxed experimentation, and shockingly, they all taste good. Including the legendary “Onion-bread”, invented as emergency whale steak accessory and prepared in a galley frying pan.

Like his father, Vegard is also a great handyman. There is no thing he can’t fix. Not even that which is not broken.

August Sandberg is a 100 kg, 2 meter tall Hjelmåsing from the island of Øyne. He’s a senior partner and owner of Fet Film, and makes a living of producing film in Bergen. Now, he’s planning a documentary about the upcoming circumnavigation.

Life has been a strange trip for August.  From an arctic army commando to a rainforest replanting hippie, he still seeks to taste every dish at the buffet of life.

Because August loves his food. He believes that the ocean crossing sailor’s worst enemy is weight-loss, and that one should never be hungry at sea. A rule he enforces with passion. In one of his proudest moments, he ate  an entire 40 cm pizza all by himself.


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