Posted by: Vegard Bleikli | 14/10/2014

Long overdue, but worth the wait. Miami and beyond!

MiamiMiami starting to disappear over the horizon

After having our fill of the big city life in Miami the magnificent Værbitt once again broke free of its mooring line restraints. Ploughing her way north through rough weather and shallow canal beds, her crew was again put to the test. But the seasoned sailors solemnly surmounted every scrupulous shackle the sea schemed, and eventually ended up in Norfolk.

On the challenging journey to Norfolk, Jens, an invaluable member of the crew, became ill. After many days with no improvement, we decided to have him checked out at the doctors, who again sent him off to the hospital for further testing. But even the most expensive medical system in the world could not figure out what was wrong. Demanding death before surrender, Jens climbed out of the hospital bed and dragged himself back to the boat. And before long, we waved goodbye to the hangar ships and all-you-can-eat venues of Norfolk.

2014-04-06 15.14.37August below USS Wisconsins 16″ main guns, who rained fire on Iwo Jima, Korea and Iraq

Crossing the calm Chesapeake Bay we could feel the effects of our northward latitude climb taking hold as the temperature crept lower and lower. Spoiled with the Caribbean climate the frailer crew members (Vegard) started taking desperate measured to keep good and steamy. Our water reserves were consequently sacrificed in favour of an array of hot water bottles placed in (not) every vacant space inside the foul weather gear. Below deck, the running engine took the role of a frosty cabins fireplace, and with its covers removed, warming feet and hands and damaging ears.

We were now on our last leg of our amazing journey and the next port would be our final. Even though the trip had skewed slightly from adventure to transportation at this point, we knew and felt the significance of these last few days at sea aboard our unfailing, beloved home. And so every view and every moment was savoured, and every lungful of crisp April air tasted a hint of bittersweet.

2014-04-09 19.29.06Nearing the end of the last chapter of the book. Our last sunset on the ocean.


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