Posted by: Vegard Bleikli | 23/03/2014


Leaving Bahamas it was imperative that we set off at high tide, as the semi-dredged canal out to sea can be both shallow and unpredictable. When we arrived a few days earlier we had less than half a meter between the keel and the sand below, and keen not to have that much excitement on this crossing we set our watches for sundown and tide up. But tide-tables can be hard to read after a week ashore, and the time is no easier. So on a quickly ebbing tide we set off in to the dark. This time even one of the local sting rays would have been hard pressed to pass under our lead, but once again luck great seamanship saw us through and on to open and deliciously deep water. With no wind to fly our canvas we instead reaped the fruits of Vegard’s oil-drilling labour and motored on west, with the lights of Miami illuminating the horizon.

WP_20140309_006Going through the waterways in search of our marina.

IMG_0732Skyscrapers. Cars. America.

1Guns. More America.

First thing one does in America is to get a car. With that car one drives places to get fast food, shoot guns and goes on road trips, and with that one is free. Eager to get the full on experience we followed those instructions to the letter. We got a car, drove it to a Pulp Fiction style diner for breakfast and went next door to rent and shoot a great many guns.

20140311_192818Sunset from 7 mile bridge in the Keys.

After the range had taken all our money we set off south, and continued south as far as the roads go. There, in Key West, we reached the southern tip of the United States and also alogical place to turn around. But not before having a night out with the every student in the country, who had gone there for spring break.


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