Posted by: August Sandberg | 24/01/2014

More Adventure Time


Patiently waiting for our return, Værbitt is as anxious to be back on the waves as we are

Two months ago, we put our dear Værbitt up for sale, and the resonse was overwhelming. A great thanks to everyone who contacted us, and to those who helped spread the message. In the end,  we sold the boat to a fellow adventurous Norwegian, whom we trust will carry on the boats legacy and treat her right.

However, the boat is not to be sold in Panama where we left her. The transaction will go down some 2000 miles away, and we are preparing for one last, epic journey.

In less than two weeks, Værbitt will set sail once again. As not to be unknowingly involved in any smuggling business, our destination is confidential for now,  put will be posted as soon as we’re back in Panama. From there, our voyage can be followed live on our tracking page. We will also update the blog as often as we can, and as most of the crew are professional photographers, we hope to show you some really great shots.

Værbitt is BACK!


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