Posted by: August Sandberg | 07/04/2013

Cuba libre

22Cuba has been on our bucket list for many years, and we’re glad we made it there while the Castros and their extreme socialism still rules the country. A very interesting place, where nobody seemingly have more or less than what they need.  But people were happy, friendly, and very welcoming.

1Enjoying a loud night of illegal cockfighting in the rurals of Santiago

By luck, chance and/or fate, Anita & Maria, two very good friends from Bergen happened to be traveling to Cuba while we were there, and after a hearty reunion, they teamed up with Værbitt’s crew for a united Cuban adventure. We’d seen our beloved sailboat every day for the last 7 months, and it was with a certain uneasiness that we left her behind and staggered inland on our stiff sea-legs.

42Anna, Vegard, Anita & Maria cracking up in front of the Sierra del Escambray mountains

By boat, bus, horse and classic car, we traveled to every corner of the country. From Baracoa in the East to Havana in the west. Cuba is the largest island in all of the Caribbean, and we spent lots of time on the road, which was scattered with vendors, potholes, amazing scenery and government propaganda. True Adventure Time from day one. Every place we visited was different, but the fascinating weirdness of communism was ever-present.

32José Martí and a local bus in the city of Santiago

26The streets of Havana

13The local buses did not encourage the use of seat belts

12Guantanamo is not only a place of illegal POWs and navy seals, but also of charming, abandoned train stations

But all good things come to an end, and after a month of awesomeness, we found ourselves at Habana Airport, hugging all our dear friends goodbye. For the first time in more than 5 months, Værbitt’s Captains were all alone. We got on the first bus back to Santiago, and set of across the Caribbean sea towards Panama; our last sail on the Atlantic side of the Americas.

38Castillo del Morro, sacked by Henry Morgan in the 17th century


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