Posted by: Vegard Bleikli | 31/03/2013


 4 Guantanamo Bay

As Haiti and Hispaniola disappeared over the horizon to the east, Cuba took shape to the west. After a little while along Cuba’s coast we passed by the infamous american military base  Guantanamo Bay. We were immediately hailed on the radio and two speedboats were sent out to escort us past the bay entrance, making sure we stayed well clear. We were not shot nor arrested and considered the day quite successful.

August Castro

As we arrived in Santiago we were a bit worried about immigration and visas and other boring but important pieces of paper. But the internet said that it was just to sail there and notify them on the radio just before mooring, and the internet was right. We were also warned that there would be a lot of government officials inspecting things aboard, and again the internet proved itself. In total 12 inspectors and 3 dogs searched the boat 7 times for anything from mosquitoes to bombs to vegetables to mobile phones. Most of the searching, however, was not after illegal or rationed things, but after things they could beg us for. Being law-abiding sailors, and offering proper amounts of beer and coke, we were cleared and could indulge in the unique and slowly fading culture of Cuba.


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