Posted by: August Sandberg | 05/02/2013

Live GPS tracking from the High Seas!


Sailing the ARC across the Atlantic, we were outfitted with a GPS tracker that could be followed online. We, and especially our mothers, despaired when we had to turn in the tracker, and we finally decided to invest in a tracker of our own! It’s a SPOT-tracker, wich will send out our position every day when we’re at sea. It will be presented live on the “Where are we now?” – page of this blog. The old, manual tracker page is now named “Where have we been?“, and will work just as before.

Though this is meant to comfort our friends and family back home, we realize that it might work the other way around… Please don’t panic if the SPOT fails to update our position. It might break, run out of batteries, or we might even decide to go in stealth mode in pirate waters.



  1. You will find that standard Duracell batteries ( 3 x AAA) do not last too long on the SPOT Messenger. You need to stock up on Lithium batteries (3 x AAA). They are “ice-blue” in colour when you go shopping. Lithium batteries last about 10 times longer than Duracell in my SPOT Messenger (

    Best regards David [S/Y “Surabaya Girl – Portsmouth Harbour UK]

  2. Hi. I like it very much to have the opportunity ti peep in at you, and kind of bee a part of the krew. Safe journey, and safe stays, wherever you hit shores.

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