Posted by: August Sandberg | 30/01/2013


 5Little boat in Little Bay

After a comfortable 6 hours of beautiful downwind sailing from Antigua, we anchored in Little Bay on the Island of Montserrat. This island has been on Vegard’s bucket list for a long time because of the massive, active volcano that makes up the center of the island. The island used to be described as “the way the Caribbean used to be”, until an ironical incident in 1997, when The Soufrière Hills volcano woke from it’s long slumber and blasted Montserrat back into the stone age. A huge pyroclastic flow toasted the capital of Plymouth, and made 2/3 of the island uninhabitable for decades. Most of the population managed to evacuate in time, and have now started to build a new capital in Little Bay.


The Soufrière Hills volcano

We hired a taxi for the day, and set of to see the sights. We stopped at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory, where a team of scientists keeps a weathered eye on the unstable volcano a couple of miles yonder. They provided lots of information, and showed us some very interesting footage from the 1997-eruption. But our thirst for adventure was not yet quenched. intrigued by the ghost capital, we gave our taxi driver an extra handful of dollars, and  set of south, across the border, through the Exclusion Zone,  and straight into the banned town of Plymouth.

4The entire population of Plymouth, happily posing with the volcano in the background

2Most of the town was buried in ash and lava, wich had also extended the coastline with several hundred meters

3The first floor of an abandoned house, filled with ash

The town lays by the foot of the rumbling, steaming volcano, and is buried in several meters of ash and badly scorched.  Amazed, we walked around through the empty houses and alleys, living out great films like “The Road”, “The Day of the Triffids” and bad ones, like “I am Legend”

1The late Montserrat Springs Hotel

6Ongoing eruptions are still working hard to bring down the remains of the city



  1. Fantastisk sted for Urban Exploration (google det!).

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