Posted by: Vegard Bleikli | 28/01/2013

Dominica and Antigua

After weighing anchor in Martinique the course was set towards Dominica. There Værbitt stayed in a place with an all to familiar name, the island’s capital Portsmouth. Luckily, the stay was more pleasurable, and better yet; we were able to leave at our own convenience.

  8On our way through the rainforest towards a hidden hot pool

After enjoying a hot spring bath in the jungle, we set off towards a locally recommended river pool. The hike took us through people’s backyards, along riverbeds and across banana-plantantions. Suddenly, however, the whole trip was abandoned. As we reached the end of a banana-plantation deep in the forest, we stumbled upon a sizable weed plantation. With self-preservation strongly in mind we did a 180 and walked stealthily back.

Later the same day part of the crew went on a safari up the Indian River. Not only is it beautiful scenery, but also the location of some scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean. It is not the first time we have been to areas used in the Pirates-movies, but so far this was definitely the best.

9At the “Pirates” location where the group meets the witch doctor Tia/Calypso

Our stay in Antigua happened to be at the exact same time as the Antigua Superyacht Challenge. Huge, luxurious and, more importantly, expensive yachts would race against each other close to shore in beautiful conditions. During the race the we noticed the german Visione as one of the really fast and good-looking yachts. It turned out that our positive attitude towards it was not misplaced. The 147 fot sailing machine, along with Værbitt, make up the extremities of Baltic’s line-up. The 50m tall sloop is kept upright by a massive 50 ton keel, making up half the yachts weight. The Baltic 147 can sail downwind at autobahn speeds, and could, if the conditions were right, complete our circumnavigation in a month.

6Find the only boat with black mast in English Harbour

7102 fot Marama ready to take off

2The 181 feet long Adela with a norwegian captain

4 (15)Going hard upwind – Sojana (115′), P2 (125′) and Visione (147′)

1Anna found herself little buddy



  1. Dette ser heilt eventyrleg og fantastisk ut! Trudde slike stader berre fantes på film … Her er det regn og slaps og blank-is – altså tradisjonelt norsk vintervér.

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