Posted by: Vegard Bleikli | 26/01/2013


2The goal for the day to the left, the Gros Piton

During Værbitt’s time in Marigot Bay the crew set off for yet another expedition. This time to get as vertically far away from the sea as our feet could carry us. The boat was left at anchor while the crew set their aim for the mountain displayed on the label of every beer drunk in St. Lucia; the Gros Piton.

13Halfway up, looking towards the smaller Petit Piton

When planning the trip we decided it would be crucial to avoid the smoldering heat and sun around noon. But sailors will be sailors and the concept of time will never seize to baffle and confuse us. Consequently we started the hike at exactly mid-day and made ourselves a moist sauna-workout-tanning sandwich.


Considering that we seldom climb any higher than the top of a wave, the trip was quite the challenge. But when some say challenge, we say accepted, and with determination, frequent breaks and the equivalent of an olympic swimming pool of drinking water we made it to the top. Being well prepared, we whipped out the beer who was named after the very mountain we just climbed and enjoyed the great view.

9Chilling out at the summit

Leaving St. Lucia we arrived at the french island Martinique where we anchored off St. Pierre. The town lies at the foot of a volcano which in 1902, during a huge eruption, lay everything waste. Of the 30 000 people living there only two survived, and the town never fully recovered. Today it holds some four thousand people and ruins from the eruption can be found everywhere.

18The crew in the ruins of the old theater in St. Pierre


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