Posted by: August Sandberg | 24/01/2013

Adventure Time

16Værbitt’s crew practicing their boarding skills after having watched “Pirates of the Caribbean”

After a crazy New Years Party, We put Trinidad to our rudder and headed north for Grenada, the smallest independent state in the western hemisphere. Once there, the crew were hit by an aggressive flu, and spent some slow days there, drifting easily at anchor outside the town of St George. As soon as the plague had left the ship, we set sail back to St Lucia, our first Caribbean landfall, where our good old friend Morten met us for a four-week Caribbean adventure.

1No blog could ever have to many of Vegard’s sunset pictures

We moored in Marigot Bay, a most amazing, protected inlet. Unfortunately, several hotels had found this place before us, and the place was crowded with boats, restaurants, and charter tourists. After a few days we got tired of civilization, and set of on an epic expedition to a desolate beach some miles away.  Our trusted dinghy was the flagship of the excursion wich, contrary to popular belief,  still floats.

20519Morten wisely abandoned ship and was able to immortalize the Interceptors beaching

After a violent landing on the lonely beach, we  started exploring. Survival artist August soon found a coconut for lunch, wich after a 30 minute fight turned out to be rotten. Anna explored the beach and showed of her eminent body surfing skills. Vegard and Simon went treasure hunting with Værbitt’s metal detector.  They found a dozen bottle caps, and an unidentifiable coin believed to be piece of eight from a 17th century pirate ship. Morten undressed and explored the equatorial sun’s tanning potential.

A bit further down the beach, we found an intriguing river outlet. The river was muddy and full of sharp, exposed roots, but the untouched waterway was reeking of adventure. We carried the Interceptor, still intact, to the mouth of the river and set of under the overhanging palm trees. The expedition was most successful, and led us up the river and straight trough some beautiful rainforest mangroves .

6Adventure – Simon exploring the mangroves

21Another beautiful anchorage



  1. I love the sunset pictures. ❤

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