Posted by: Vegard Bleikli | 26/11/2012

Leaving Las Palmas

Preparing for the Atlantic crossing has been easier than expected. We’re getting used go ocean-sailing, and the boat is in its second youth. The biggest difference now is the time we have to be self-sufficient for, and the consequences if something breaks. The latter is of some concern, as we’ve had to fix something elementary in almost every port so far. With every gear-failure our confidence in the boat grows bigger, as the list of old things left to break shortens. It could be either through hard work or plain ignorance, but we feel the boat is in top shape and the Atlantic is just the right challenge.

The new start of the ARC regatta is now set to 11:00 Tuesday morning. We left mainland-Europe as we departed Portugal, but this time we’ll have to wave goodbye to Europe all together. By the time we return, we will have circled the globe.

August and his family, watching a rescue demonstration, or something even more interesting off to the left

Jørgen enjoying the colorful Coloradas

According to the official ARC data, Værbitt is the 11th slowest boat in the fleet of about 240. But if the conditions are right (read bad) we have a chance of a decent position. The normal route goes south towards Cape Verde, then due west just north of the islands. The shortest way would be a straight line, but further north the weather is more unpredictable. At the moment our best option looks to be the southerly route. It seems a lot longer on the map, but in reality the difference is less than 10%, a distance easily made up for through the potentially better speed. The crossing is above 2700 nm and will take us roughly (which in ocean-crossing terms means +- a week) 20 days.

Our route, maybe

As a parting note from Vegard, the chief geologist aboard, we can mention that the 2 day delay means a 0,15 millimeter longer crossing due to the spreading at the mid-Atlantic ridge. Wish us luck!



  1. Good luck! Sounds like an awesome trip.

    • Thanks!

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