Posted by: Vegard Bleikli | 17/11/2012

Getting ready, again

Two very handsome guys, not at all posing by our Atlantic stock of drinking water

Las Palmas and Gran Canaria has been nothing but enjoyable and comfortable.  Supplies are readily available, people are friendly and welcoming and the weather is nice. We have been enjoying our stay, August being able to spend time with his Anette, and the rest of the crew making new friends in the many ARC social events.

Sigbjørn on the foredeck, dressing the boat

The ARC has a number of requirements, especially in respect to safety equipment. We started preparing for ARCs safety check already back in Norway, and the standards there set the bar for our entire trip. With only two minor remarks, Værbitt got her stamp of approval and is now ready for the start next weekend. Still, there is much to be done, mainly regarding provisioning and packing. What’s aboard when we leave this harbour, is all we’ll have for our 3 week crossing. And there will be no dropping by the store if we discover we forgot something really important (like bacon).

Flying her flags

Luckily, it’s not all work all the time

Getting hold of the much-needed new propeller was easy enough as the dealer is a two-minute walk from the boat. Also, the delivery was very fast, even when shipping from Sweden. Less than 24 hours after ordering, the parts were in hand! So fast, in fact, that the massive brass propeller hub was still cold when we got it. Now it’s just the small matter of fitting it to the sail-drive, which currently is under water.  We’ll need to move the boat to another marina and get her up in the dry for a bit. If you’re in the area with a dinghy, a towing-line and the urge to help sailors in need, please let us know!

Værbitt’s new propeller. Looking good, but not doing much good just yet.



  1. Wow, I want to come along.

  2. Husk for guds skyld nok bacon! Always eat before hungry! God tur over, ser frem til flere updates!

  3. Haha! Klart det, Nicco! 😉 Jeg lasset vognen helt til resten av mannskapet klaget, og så litt til. There is no such thing as enough bacon! Men jeg kommer til å savne stjernekokken fra Steve Cooling 😦

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