Posted by: Vegard Bleikli | 10/11/2012

Las Palmas at last!

Good wind, gentle waves and a nice sunset. Not much left for wanting as far as sailing goes

Four days of excellent sailing saw Værbitt from the coasts of Morocco to Gran Canaria and Las Palmas.  It’s a good feeling, having made it in good time before the start of the ARC and we can lower our shoulders and enjoy the famous hospitality of the spanish islands.

A content helmsman

The sailing to Las Palmas would, however, not be as smooth as it long looked to be. After arriving at the breakwaters of the harbour Vegard started up the engine to drive the boat the last stretch into the marina. But putting the gear in forward and giving it a fair amount of revs made less than little difference. Trying the same for astern had the exact  same lack of results. After checking the wiring to the gear, and that it actually engaged properly we concluded the issue lay with the propeller. As the swell was very present diving under the boat was only a last resort beyond the breakwaters. Instead we decided to sail into the harbour and look for a place to grab on to or drop our anchor. We reached the anchorage first, but as we have a small CQR-anchor and a mockable amount of chain, it did not set. As we drifted in between the anchored boats with our anchor (and all of its line) hanging off the bow and with the main sail still up, a police boat with flashing blue lights rushed our way. Half an hour of useless radio-chatter later we got helped into the harbour by a dinghy. Once safely moored, August dove in to the water and could confirm that the issue indeed lay with the propeller, or rather the lack of one.  Somewhere between Lanzarote and Gran Canaria one can now find a perfectly useable and sorely missed two-blade Volvo Penta folding/self-disassembling propeller.

Our knight in shining dinghy

Fish and crew were both shocked to discover we had no propeller

Still the day had more surprises in store, at least for the tallest crew member, August. A month of conspiring came together when Anette suddenly were standing by the pontoon for a surprise visit.

A truly heartwarming reunion

Now we have a good two weeks to get the boat and ourselves ready for our date with the Atlantic. Then we’ll sail as far again as we have for the entire trip so far, 2700 miles in one go. If there is anyone in Las Palmas, do not hesitate to drop by for a beer and a chat! We’re moored at the (possibly apple sponsored) I-pontoon.



  1. […] the desertion of our propeller, we towed Værbitt to Royal Club Nautico de Gran Canaria for a haulout. When we have done repairs […]

  2. håper du husket å ta kattevasken din før Anette kom 😉

    • Hehe! Jauda! Jeg hadde dykket under båten for å sjekke propellen. Vannet var riktignok fullt av søppel og døde rotter, men jeg hadde i allefall på meg en ren skjorte 🙂

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