Posted by: Vegard Bleikli | 02/11/2012


We spent two days in Lagos like proper tourists, exploring the sights and over-paying for our food. Though the place was nice and pretty, it lacked the atmosphere to separate it from the average vacation destination. But with the weather forecast looking unfavorable to continue towards the Canaries, we were stuck. Then we came up with a brilliant master plan; We would sail to Africa!

Pleased to be underway

Leaving a sea sparkle trail

August frying up some mid-sea-bacon

We waved goodbye to mainland Europe and started our two-day passage to Mohammedia, Morocco. The first day offered little or no wind. The second day, we had good wind, then around midnight, we had a lot of wind. The comfortable 10 knot south-westerly suddenly increased to an uncomfortable (and unforecasted) 35 knot. August, being officer of the watch, handled it very well, and we could continue towards our destination with three reefs in the main, and a handkerchief for headsail. The next morning, with less wind but still quite rough seas, we arrived.

As it turned out, every time there is a southerly wind blowing, the marina is full. Primarily by sailors like ourselves, wanting, but being unable, to go south.
We anchored off Mohammedia’s beach and waited in comfort while reflecting upon the fact that we had actually sailed to Africa!

August chatting with Mohammedia’s port captain in frenglish



  1. Sweet beard August. Åsmund;-)

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