Posted by: Vegard Bleikli | 21/10/2012

Bay of Biscay

Leaving at sunset has its benefits, like, a sunset

After half a week in the french countryside our weather window for the dreaded Biscay opened. In our need and greed for speed we chose to leave on high water, letting the ebbing tide carry us on our way.  This worked out great up til the moment our 5 knot current smashed in to the 4 meter Atlantic swell in shallow waters. Short story short; the boat movements bordered on the parodic, anything loose inside fell to the floor, and the saloon swallowed two buckets of seawater. A mile further out to sea everything calmed down and we were relieved to see nothing was damaged. Richer for the experience and limbered up, the crew got started on the infamous Bay of Biscay.

Vegard and his departure-baguette

August changing the o-ring on the fuel cap as we depart Camaret.

The bay itself was no challenge for North Sea hardened sailors. There were mostly southerly to south easterly winds, and the sailing itself was quite ordinary.  Still, the bay will leave its mark. During the clearest of nights, we had brilliant stars above and sea sparkle set to light by dolphins below. And during the day, pilot whales, tornadoes and a baby dolphin chasing the boat.

Do we really have these in Europe? Two guys were in for a surprise



  1. yeahhhhh, good news guys!!!we are happy to hear that you cros the Bay of Biscay and got closer to Cran Canaria******cheers from Thaton, Thailand f&f

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