Posted by: August Sandberg | 15/10/2012

Across the Channel

The joy of leaving Gosport and England cannot be put into words. Five weeks of waiting was finally over, and Værbitt could set sail once again. Her newly repaired mast worked very well, and it was amazing to be at sea again. The forecast did not look good, however, so after only two days of sailing we decided to put into Camaret-Sur-Mer; A small town on the north-west tip of France.

We made landfall in a beautiful sunset, escorted by a school of dolphins.

The trip was relatively undramatic, apart from some weird tides, lots of headwinds, and our first ever engine problem; When the wind died in the middle of the second night, our loyal 33 hp Vetus would not crank. We started working on the engine, checking batteries, cylinders and other relevant parts, but we could find no problems. After almost an hour, it suddenly started when we were turning the ignition to check the voltage. Not knowing what the problem was, we dared not turn the engine off again until we were in harbour, resulting in a fast but fuel expensive passage.

Weather forecasts provided by our skilled on-shore crew

The salty sea air makes you hungry



  1. Lavtrykkene kommer på løpende bånd. Et råd, følg været ikke kalender. Så om ARC’en går før dere kommer ned gjør ikke det noe, da åpner det seg bare nye spennende muligheter!

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