Posted by: August Sandberg | 11/10/2012

Leaving of Portsmouth

Finally. After five weeks in Gosport, Portsmouth’s tiny twin, we’re ready to go. We’ve been waiting for some new navtangs for our mast, and when Navtec failed to deliver, we had them made locally. At 0800 in the morning, we’ll step the mast back on the boat and leave directly. The ARC is drawing near, on the calendar if not on the chart, and we need to get going.

Apart from a thin layer of Solent weeds, Værbitt has enjoyed her stay. We’ve had a lot of time on our hands, and several repairs and improvements has been made. Just in the last few days, the boat’s plumbing has been given an overhaul; When we moored in Gosport, we noticed the bilge pump was more active than usual. After intense investigation, Vegard found and fixed the problem in the fresh water foot pump in the galley.

A new, happy Whale foot pump in the boat’s galley

August happily went to work on the sewage part of Værbitt’s plumbing. Our manual wc usually flushes using salt water from the sea, but something was causing it to prefer the septic tank. Very nasty and pointless. After a few hours of joy, a leaking joker valve was prosecuted and changed, and the toilet pump system got a much-needed refit.

Adjusting a homemade top valve



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