Posted by: Vegard Bleikli | 26/09/2012

Slowly now

A week after having her mast removed, Værbitt is still motor-dependent. What was supposed to be a quick inspection turned into a lengthy project.

After trying to remove the stay’s anchoring points in the mast for several days, one finally came loose. The joy was, however, short-lived. As the aluminum bolt came out, it was clear that it’s threads had not come undone, but rather sheared off. If the same were true the other two bolts, we would be in for an expensive and joyless ride. The setup of the rig makes it impossible to change the top bolt without replacing half the rig’s rods. With both our rig and budget in the balance, we went for a compromise, giving us the most bang for our pound. The new parts are ordered from France and may take some days to get here. Still, we hope to see Værbitt reunited with her mast and ready to leave by the end of the week.

Værbitt’s stay in Portsmouth has now passed 3 weeks, leaving the crew with growing restlessness and local library cards. Today, it has also been one full month since the trip started. Life aboard a sailboat, with all its peculiarities, has become the standard. And it’s a good life




  1. Det er gutane sine – bibliotekkort 🙂 Helsing tante bibliotekar Solveig

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