Posted by: August Sandberg | 19/09/2012


Last week, Værbitt had a standing rig check and failed miserably. The anchor points of the shrouds were not correctly fitted, one had a crack, and so did
our top port spreader. The only sensible solution was to pull the mast out, and today, we did.

As the sun rose this morning, we motored to Endeavour Quay, nervous but ready. Sails and boom removed, shrouds and stays loosened and electrics disconnected. We also removed the mast boot, the thru-deck padding and the duck tape keeping them in place. We placed the boat in a dock with a strong four corner mooring, and a giant crane pulled the mast from the boat like a splinter from a baby’s foot.

The steps of un-stepping a mast

After patting and comforting the poor boat for a few minutes, we sat to work.  The  anchor points of the shrouds looked better than feared, though the shrouds themselves are yet to be cleared, as we could not remove them from the mast. We’ve drenched them in spray, and will give it a new go in the morning. We removed the cracked spreader, and it will be good as new once welded.

August lifting the mast through the deck

Vegard waging war on a spreader’s clevis pin

Top port spreader disassembled.

We also seized the chance to do some much-needed maintenance work on the rig. Screws and blocks were cleaned and oiled and a few rusted nuts were changed.  August bought a tube of sikaflex and applied huge amounts, some to the mast but mostly to himself.

August removing an old unused electrical cable

Værbitt temporarily converted to a motor boat

After removing the mast we set up a jury-rig. We might not be able to sail with it, but it provides internet. Also, the boat now rolls alot more.



  1. Ja, ja, motorbåt er kjekkt det også. Håper der får alt på stell snart. Kjekkere med åpen sjø enn engelsk havn…. August; har du en mail adresse som du sjekker i ny og ne? I tilfelle en onkel skulle ha lyst på kontakt? Hilsen Onkel Øyvind

  2. he guys…we hope your work is going on, we`re back to switzerland and really missing the vearbitt and he`s sympatical captains!!!!!! we are thinking at you and hope the best for your next steps. löve, peace and häppiness f&f

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