Posted by: Vegard Bleikli | 15/09/2012

Now, we wait!

Because of the long stay in Portsmouth, all our crew set about to do other things while Værbitt waited for her rig fix. August and Vegard remained aboard to get a head start on the new repairs, and to catch up with the old.

As the motor has been running for some bumpy hours, it got a checkover. Everything was in perefect order with not even a single drop of water to be found in the diesel. There was, however, another issue brought to our attention during the North Sea crossing. As the boat was moving violently around it was evident that a handlebar on the bathroom would be very useful. Beeing tossed from your seat can be unpleasant enough in less pressing circumstances.
With the handle in place along with several other minor fixes, all that’s left is waiting for wednesday and the removal of the rig.

Among the small improvements was completing the power supply to our on-board computer. It was made to be low-power,  and now it’s down to 18 watts included the 22″ monitor. That means extended opening hours at Værbitt’s floating cinema.


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