Posted by: August Sandberg | 11/09/2012


View of the Spinnaker Tower from the deck of HMS “Warrior”, the first ever ironclad Battleship

After 3 days at sea, Værbitt reached the historical town of Portsmouth. After a mid night landfall, dodging tankers, wrecks and sandbanks, we moored in Haslar Marina, a most expensive but luxurious berth.

Lord Nelson’s ride

Portsmouth is located half way through the English channel north of the Isle of Wight, and proved to be an interesting place for salty sailors. This place used to be the home of the old english navy, and is filled with museums and ships from the grand age of sail. The crew restrained their enthusiasm, but Værbitt’s officers spent two days in the historic dockyard, exploring sights like the first ever ironclad battleship “Warrior”, and the legendary HMS “Victory”; Lord Nelsons flagship who led the english fleet during the battle of Trafalgar.

August inspects the lower gundeck of the HMS “Victory”

After the sun set, we went on exploring another important part of the british culture: the Pubs. We’ve had some great nights out, singing, dancing and meeting lots of people. We had dreamt about starting a huge conga line to the tunes of Jim Carrey’s “Cuban Pete” from “The Mask”, but unfortunately, the DJ failed to see how awesome it would be. But we still went for it, and half the club joined our techno-conga line.

Making new, british friends


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