Posted by: Vegard Bleikli | 29/08/2012


After leaving Bergen we headed south with the wind in our back, cheered on by a crowd of friends and family. We made great progress and reached Stavanger in less than 19 hours. The weather however, would not play nice for long. So the very next day our favorable tail wind did a 180 and hit us right in the face. Luckily August and Aksel had some very nice relatives in town, turning our minds from poor weather and on to good food, drink and company. In the course of our stay we got invited to a cruise around the bay by Øyvind and his new boat. Along with the 50 knots on the speedometer we got to see streaks of some very pretty places.

The next day, after seeing an opening in the wind forecast, we set off for Amsterdam. But forecasts will be forecasts, and the wind never changed. After a day and a night battling the north sea’s fierce waves and wind we had very little progress to show for it. So we decided to go back shore to Sirevåg to wait it out, with one of the crew jokingly suggesting changing Værbitt’s name to Værfast. Discovering that the two main tourist attractions of Sirevåg were a bacon factory and an in-bay-sewage-outlet we motored off to Egersund to spend the night.

Egersund proved to be a pearl. We moored in the guest marina, equiped with showers and stationary toilets. Quite a sight for sore, salty eyes. The forecast promise a steady north gale thursday afternoon, so until then we’ll enjoy Egersund’s hospitality. Tonight, we went to a chinese restaurant and caught the KON-TIKI movie at the local, charming cinema. Very inspirational for Værbitt’s crew.

Even though we’ve only basket around local waters so far, the feeling of a circumnavigation is very present. The tough feeling of having left our old lives and loved ones behind is never far away. Making landfall in Bergen again will probably be the best day of our entire trip.



  1. Familien te damå har hytta ved Sirevåg! Må sjekka ud den baconfabrikken.Håbe været oppføre seg videre

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