Posted by: Vegard Bleikli | 23/08/2012


After the third and final trip to the vaccine center we have reached the apex of the human immune system. Feeling confident but taking no chances, we also dropped by the pharmacy for a minor shopping spree. Along with malaria medication, painkillers and eye drops, various antibiotics found their way into our cart.

Medication madness

In the course of the day some less intoxicating products were also purchased. Things like a 12v water boiler, dive-housing for the GoPro camera, and more boring but very useful items.

“Every box just said; Don’t do drugs”

The last days at home have been like studying for a huge test. Everything needs to be remembered, prepared and ready, and it’s a constantly in the back of one’s mind. In that respect setting sail will be a relief. At the same time we really want to enjoy our last days here, spending time with friends and loved ones, so it’s a bit of a juggle.



  1. Spotter DT t-skjorte, og tenker følgende sanger passer på turen: “Constant motion”, “About to Crash”, “Pull me under”, “Beneath The Surface”, “Panic attack”, “Disappear”, “Afterlife”.. Hehe, Neeeida, det skal gå så fint atte.

    God tur!

    • Haha! Ja då er uværs-spillelista sikra. Takk 😉

  2. Tante Solveig ønskar god tur 🙂

    • Takk skal du ha 🙂

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