Posted by: Vegard Bleikli | 20/08/2012


With less than a week to go, the departure date can now be found in anything from weather forecasts to milk expiry dates. Small everyday things that makes what is about to happen ever more real. The full weight of everything is yet to set completely as our focus now is towards getting everything ready in time. Even so, it’s the end of the summer and people leave for school and work, and the sad task of saying goodbye to friends and relatives runs its course.

On the boat front things are starting to come together. Even though everything planned might not be finished, we feel confident that the boat is ready for its date with big blue by the end of the week. The electronics stand ready, with a radar to lead the way through fog and darkness, and AIS through crowded shipping lanes. Next up is a low-power computer to serve as backup navigation, display wind forecasts, and most importantly, to write this blog. Also, literally, a bucket-load of pyrotechnics have been bought. These may be used during an emergency, or causing one.

Sunday, as we’re leaving, Værbitt will stop at Zachariasbryggen, Bergen, from about 12:00 to 14:00. Everyone is very welcome for a tour of the boat and a long hug.

Midsummer night in Bergen, a sight to be sorely missed.


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