Posted by: Vegard Bleikli | 03/08/2012

Shooting up

Venturing into the great unknown has strangely enough its disadvantages. Visiting a vaccine center we were informed of some of the many microbes and viruses ready to chew in to our brains.  Among several very unfavorable ways of dying, rabies seemed the worst. If infected, one has 24 hours to start treatment and if any symptoms are displayed it’s game over. Making matters worse; rabies can be carried by any mammal, making even the cutest of kittens a potential death trap.

The score after one out of three visits to the vaccine center

Between the two of us a total of 13 shots were needed, making us, if not immortal, then at least more resistant to:
– Yellow fever
– Rabies
– Tetanus
– Meningitis
– Cholera
– Poliomyelitis
– Diphtheria
– Pertussis
– Hepatitis A and B

Enjoying a drink of mutilated cholera bacteria



  1. Good stuff!
    Glede oss til å følge eventyret yours her, de skriv jammen morsomt:), men har de dato klar for take off..?

  2. Takk for det, Hallgeir!
    Vi reiser 26. august 🙂

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