Posted by: August Sandberg | 23/07/2012

Engine overhaul

Vegard changing the oil filter

Yesterday, Værbitt’s engine got lots of love. We changed the oil, oil filter, and coolant. Then we cleaned her up, secured all hoses and multisprayed her moving parts. We also checked on the sensors, and found that the one keeping an eye on the exhaust temperature was broken. Last year, we changed the seawater pump impeller and adjusted the valve clearence.

When changing the coolant, we first drained the old into the bilge. Then, we thoroughly cleaned the system by filling it with fresh water, and let the engine run for a couple of minutes before we drained that as well. The water had a slight rust tint, but looked very clean. After the cleaning was done, we refilled with the new, anti-freeze coolant.

Mixing the anti-freeze in the galley. Jørgen’s favorite kind of cooking.

The engine is a four-cylinder Vetus m4.15 from 2006. It has a 50ah alternator and  indirect water cooling. It powers a newly changed Volvo Penta 110 saildrive with a home-casted two-blade folding propeller. It’s quite a large engine for a 37 feet sailboat as the boat originally had a 24 hp Volvo MD11.

The engine has been most faithful, and we’re very happy with her. It’s very important to have an engine you can trust on a trip like this, and so far, she’s brought us no troubles or sleepless nights.  She has run 635 hours, 100 of them by us. She’s very silent, fuel effective, and has no leaks. We love it.


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